I Did Not Understand the Purpose of Internet of Things Until I Became a Mom

Having specialized in Information and Communication, my classmates and I were among the first to hear about the internet of things and participate in discussions about its utility… Back when I was in college, I was not convinced with the concept at all. I saw it as another face of electronic invasion into our lives and an additional reason to become “connectively” dependent.

 I remember very well an example our professor had given us back then: “imagine coming back from a long vacation. It’s late, you’re tired and all the stores are already closed. What would you prefer? Having to call the neighbors early before arriving home for a favor so that they can pass by the grocery store on your behalf or being able to pick up your iphone, dictate your refrigerator what you will be needing and letting it do the rest of the work?”

I wasn’t sure back then how the refrigerator could manage to shop on my behalf, i am even less sure today, but that’s not the point. The point is, back then I voted neighbors with no hesitation, whilst if I am asked again today, I would certainly vote refrigerator!

As I am trapped with my baby 24/7, I watch in despair all the things I’m missing and all the work cumulating slowly, and I can’t help but ask myself how much easier my life could be if from my bedroom, from my bed more precisely and while holding my baby, I could: clean that fridge, turn off that oven, turn on that AC and close those shutters by clicking on few buttons on my phone!?


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