Why Do They Do It and Should You Be Doing it Too?

This question has become the center of my existence lately: “How do they do it!?“In addition to all the working mommies I personally know, the working mommies I encounter on the street, those I see running off to work in the morning from behind my window, I am also a member of those mommies facebook support groups, and everytime I read a post written by a working mom, I ask myself, “how do they do it!?” But writing this down I just realized the real question should be: “Why do they do it!?

For quite a while now I’ve been feeling like an alien, or more like an endangered specy. I’ve been looking for moral support, acceptance and encouragement everywhere around me and I have to admit, this disappoints me in myself…  I can’t say I’m surprised with my behavior, because I have come to embrace a long time ago that I am what they call “a woman child“. A woman child is an adult female who is in constant need of her parents approbabtion to feel satisfaction after an achievement or when making a tough decision. A woman child often shifts her need for approbation towards her male companion when in a serious relationship or married. Being a woman child is not necessarily linked to having a weak personality, low self-esteem or low self-confidence, it is simply a way of conduct and a source of gratification completely dependent on a niche social acceptance. And it’s hard. Yes, being a “woman child” is very hard, especially in those challenging situations when you put all your principles and believes at play and you fail to find any kind of support or encouragement flagging the road you wish to choose.

Why do they do it?” I realize should most definitely be the center question when we look at working moms around the world, as I am sure most will tell you they do it for the gratification and satisfaction it procures… So when wondering whether I want to do it or not myself, it is probably most logical to reflect upon the reasons I am considering doing it in the first place. Am I considering doing it because it is something I want for me and my family? Or am I just considering doing it to continue receiving the close social approbation I need to thrive? And if I am simply doing it to feel accepted and supported, couldn’t this just be the crossway I’ve been waiting for all my life and that will eventually allow me to break with the “woman child” inside thus learning  to become a more independent decision-maker?


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