The One Year Sleep Regression

So it has been a while… A lot has happened since… My lo turned one, we moved to a new appartment in a new city and most importantly my princess started napping like “normal” kids, well at least that was the case till we hit the first year sleep regression phase!
The funny thing about the first year sleep regression is that unlike the earlier regressions it doesn’t affect night sleep, but mostly nap time… A “toddler” (if yours is toddling by this age, mine is surely not) tries to force the shift from a two nap schedule to a one nap schedule. Some babies might be ready for this shift, others not. It is easy to know whether you lo is ready, just watch their behavior and energy level through the day and when they skip the intended nap. It is enough to say that mine is going literally crazy. She is so tired she can barely focus, can’t stop screaming and occasionally might even hurt herself…. It seems like with everything else involving babies, persistence is the key, so persistent shall I be… Especially that it is not over yet! Just wait till we hit the 18 months sleep regression phase! That one seems like a peach too!
Wish me luck ❤


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