A Little Peek…

So it has been quite a while since I published my last article, not because I am short on ideas but simply because I am always short on time! Mainly the summer is over, rain has invited itself back to our daily lives, so parks are not always an easy place to go to. And even if we decide to defy the rain and go out well covered, wet benches are not so comfy or healthy to sit on. So the afternoon’s stroller nap is no longer my favorite writing escape. My little one’s sleeping habits are constantly changing which is a challenge itself. One thing that is still constant though is her need for physical closeness. Even though napping has become a bit easier and more predictable, we are still not at a phase where she is ready to sleep by herself in her crib. We tried many things including letting her cry it out for a while but at the end we just had to face the fact that our little one is a gentle over sensitive soul who is constantly in need of affection and who is quite trouble by separation. I’m not saying I’m happy about it, nor that it is always easy to handle, especially when it is just the two of us day in day out, but she’s a unique individual with her unique character and personality and some things are just not made to be changed. She will surely not stay a baby for ever. I’m quite confident that this phase will pass like so many before and who knows I might even miss it! So for now baby Y is napping in my arms, she is actually doing so while I’m writing this little text of mine… Cute? Will let you know soon…


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