When My Baby Decided It’s Time for a Change in Habits…

So one day, out of freaking nowhere, my daughter decided she did not like the way we put her down for naps anymore and refused categorically to go to sleep during the day… She had not breastfed to sleep since she was one month old maybe, so believe me when I tell you, I have no idea how and where from she came up with this new habit where she would absolutely refuse to sleep unless she is nursing! 

On day one I caved in because I honestly wanted to experiment. I wanted to see whether she is or not able to take naps that are longer than 30-40 mins and I wanted to see if it’s a one time thing or if it would work out multiple times a day. 

It goes without a saying, I was literally shocked to see that she is able to take a nap up to 2 hours long! And when I repeatedly caved in to her temperament and gave her the booby she took her 3 daily naps with no fussing (something she never did before).

As day two arrived, I realized I was digging my own grave! Nursing to sleep is a very bad habit that I do not wish to set in place! My baby is already very demanding and needy, she requires my presence and attention every second of every waking hour, so if I’m also trapped under her or next to her during naps, that means that I will end up with endless day with no food and no house chores done… This was very alarming for me, so I tried to talk it over with her pediatrician and a childcare expert. They both reassured me she was old enough to put herself to sleep and in no way do I need to cave in to her needs especially that she is capable of self-soothing as she sucks down on her thumb when she desires…

You would think, then what is all the fuss about? Just leave her to self-soothe!

On day three I was determined to talk to her, to explain firmly that this habbit cannot continue because mommy is not comfortable! And that we need to find another way to nap! Well that went well for about 30 seconds before she bursted into tears and started screaming like there’s no tomorrow! 

Is it worth mentioning at this point that my daughter is only 5 months old? At that moment, I had a very quick 2 minutes chore I had to run, so I put her in her crib just to make sure she’s safe while I do what I had to do. To my surprise I came back not only to louder crying and screaming but also to her sticking her thumb down her throat almost choking herself with it… I picked her up, and obviously nursed her to sleep… That was over 2 hrs ago… I am still holding her as I’m writing this post feeling the world crumbling down on my head… 

H.E.L.P. ? 


2 thoughts on “When My Baby Decided It’s Time for a Change in Habits…

  1. Maybe she is teething? My daughter used to behave like that when she was teething. She is probably looking for comfort. Babies’ behavior often change. When you think you have it figured out they come up with something new. Hang in there.


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