MFAQ Answered and Things to Do at the Park

So it seems like some people have been wondering where I find the time to actually write these blogposts. A special hands up to my husband’s friend who told him “apparently your wife has plenty of time to spare in order to be able to maintain an active blog” (so far). 

For those who did not get the chance, or simply were not curious enough, to read my last article “When Everyone Tells You Maybe Your Baby Just Doesn’t Need to Nap“, I must say this is a genuinely fair question. But if you have read that article and are still asking yourself that question then frankly, shame on you! (Joke!!)

But to answer the question, I basically do most of my writing while I’m breastfeeding or when I get trapped at the park after my baby has fallen asleep in her stroller and I can’t go back home because we live in a building with no elevator and I have no way to get her into the apartment without waking her up. 

In fact, if all goes according to schedule and my little one is not teething or is simply in a good mood, I end up with an hour to kill daily during which I can do absolutely nothing productive other than writing or reading. But lately, I figured these are not the only activities I can do at the park! If you are living a similar situation, here’s a list of things you can do at the park while your baby is asleep:

  • Take pictures of the rare phenomenon and brag on social media (or not).
  • Make friends! Parks are full of new moms, moms with infants and toddlers and nannies with too many kids to handle. They are often looking to make friends too, so don’t hesitate to smile at them or even say hi.
  • Watch other people’s kids! This is actually something I’ve been trying to stop but it seems it’s a hard to change habit due to a unique character: I worry too much about others, even when it’s someone I don’t know! So if you’re anything like me, you can watch for that energetic little kid who will often escape the attention of his nanny or his overwhelmed parent(s). Be careful to stay gentle and polite when stepping in, it might be ok to be nosy but not melodramatic or mean. You’ll appreciate it when you exchange roles in the future.
  • Stare at random children as they run too close to your baby’s stroller making perfectly normal children noise because they might wake her up! In other words become that mean old lady from the park!
  • Make those calls you’ve been postponing indefinitely and finish those administrative tasks that can be done from distance.
  • Read your mail, clean your inbox, delete all the spam photos you receive from family and friends on what’sapp!
  • Read the news.
  • Sit back, relax and do absolutely nothing for a few minutes! You have earned it! 

If your child only sleeps in his/her stroller too and you often find yourself trapped at the park and have some exquisite activities to share with us, please don’t hesitate! I think we are all looking for inspiration on these beautiful summer days (for those of us living in the northen hemisphere that is!)


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