When Everyone Tells You Maybe Your Baby Doesn’t Need to Nap

So you’re having problems putting your baby down to sleep too? Thank God!

Sorry, did that sound inappropriate? It’s just that I thought I was sailing that boat alone and shore has never seemed farther away than it does today…

Looking back at all the baby-sleep articles, blogs and books I have read lately, one would come to think I have enough information to become an expert on the subject matter. Yet, my baby girl refuses categorically to sleep during the day unless it’s the weekend and daddy is home to rock her to dream land… The only way I can get her to sleep myself is by taking her out for a long long (a bit longer) walk in the park in her stroller or baby carrier. And that would not be a problem if it was not for the following: 

  • Only sleeping outside means that mommy cannot sleep at all
  • Only sleeping outside means that mommy cannot have a minute to herself until daddy is home (not ideal for a young couple’s romantic life)
  • And only sleeping outside means that mommy can only cook and clean wearing me (so basically home is always a mess)…

And if suffering with your baby’s inability to sleep during the day is not bas enough by itself, you will always have those very wise well-intentionned people who feel the deepest obligation to give you their in-depth well proven opinion that maybe your baby just doesn’t need to sleep during the day!! 

I mean what do you know!? Just because your baby is tired and cranky, just because she’s rubbing her eyes and almost pulling off her ears, do you seriously think this means she needs a nap? I mean are you really convinced that your baby is not one of those super babies who function on solar power and in no way need a break as long as the sun shines (and maybe even after thanks to their super efficient economic batteries!)

Let’s be serious for a minute, even though not needing to nap is a condition that rarely exists among some babies (lots of baby sleep experts would disagree with this statement), only you can judge whether your baby is craving for a nap or not. People are going to give you all sort of advice! And true, sometimes it is hard to see the good intentions behinds, and some others you just feel like ripping their heads off for not getting how miserable you and your napless baby are… But it is crucial you maintain your self-confidence and constantly remind yourself it is you who made that tiny being and no one knows what’s best for him now more than you… 

So if you are convinced your baby needs to sleep during the day, next time someone tells you maybe he just doesn’t need a nap (probably your mother) just smile and say “yea maybe” and mutter to yourself “and maybe pigs can fly!” Then just do whatever you think is better for your baby… 

I wish I could tell you I have figured out a magical way to convince baby to nap. I wouldn’t have hesitated to share it  right away as I understand how frustrating sleepless days can become. I promise that If I ever come across that magical spell that drifts baby to sleep land you will be the first to know (even before my mother because she’s one of those who believe my baby works on solar power!). Meanwhile if you have already won that struggle yourself, please share your experience and insight and we shall all bow in recognition for your magical powers!


5 thoughts on “When Everyone Tells You Maybe Your Baby Doesn’t Need to Nap

  1. I feel your pain… Hang in there, it’s all temporary. I have an infant and a toddler and I’ve been through many ups and downs regarding sleeping. The second time around you know it will pass but when I had my first I was a zombi mom for a while with little hope. Good news: It will get better! You are doing great mom!


    1. Thank you so much for your kind words! Being a first time parent is surely full of challenges! Good luck to you too with your infant and toddler! Good to know it will get better!

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  2. I totally agree with you. Yesterday my baby was cranky pants, rubbing her eyes, and yawning. I tried to put her to sleep but she kept crying, and someone was like “don’t make her cry!” Umm hello… She’s tired… As much as I love advices, people think they know what’s right even though mom is the only one that truly knows her baby.


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